About Afro Arimba

Founded in 1993, Afro Arimba produce and stage world‐class shows, specializing in the leisure cruise market. With over 20 years of experience and a highly qualified team of management, staff and suppliers we are able to not only meet our clients' expectations but exceed them. We pride ourselves on being able to supply our client’s with a fully inclusive product, focusing on every detail from the creative to the logistics, ensuring that the end result will receive standing ovations show after show.

Custom Shows Travelling The Globe

Cruise Ships Hosting Our Productions

Audience Members Watch Our Shows Annually

Artists Perform in our Shows Globally

How It Began

The company was founded in 1990 by Heather von Ruben. Originally named Panic, the company specialized in events and entertainment for the South African corporate market. It was rebranded as Afro Arimba in 1994 when Europe was taken by storm with “8 Beautiful Girls” in France, Italy, Australia and Slovenia. In 2001 the extraordinary Afro Arimba entertainment productions were launched on board luxury cruise liners.

Cruise Ship Specialists

Afro Arimba is accredited with an international MLC (Maritime Labour Convention) certificate allowing us to recruit crew members for the entertainment and hospitality sectors. In a year we can accumulate over 1.2 million air miles between our cast and crew.

We Are Global

In addition to the cruise industry we work with casinos, theme parks, theatres, event companies and managers as well as corporate enterprises to fulfill their entertainment requirements.

And so much more

We are the only entertainment production company in South Africa to boast our own dedicated and fully equipped rehearsal studio and cast accommodation.

Our Creative Team

Meet our talented team



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culminates in



“Strive for the excellence, the money will follow.”

Heather Carmen von Ruben

Our Clients

Great work can only come from great partnerships. Here are just a few of the amazing clients that we have the privilege to work with

Corporate Social Investment

Afro Arimba is proud to sponsor and be associated with the following non-profit organizations.

Our Services

We offer a range of top-notch creative services


• Conceptual Show Design

Creating a unique show that will leave an audience wanting more.

• Choreography

Bringing energy to every number in the show and highlighting the talents of our magnificent dancers.

• Music Design

All of our backtracks are composed from scratch creating the heartbeat of
the show.aa-services-03

• Costume Design

Showing off our singers and dancers in an array of eye-catching costumes that sparkle under the stage lights.

• Set Design

Creating and manufacturing the look and feel for each number, adding dimension to the show.

• Casting

We have a stringent casting process to ensure we have vocally brilliant
singers, technically excellent dancers and breathtaking variety acts.aa-services-02

• Rehearsal Venue

We are the only company in South Africa to own a dedicated rehearsal studio, with all of the amenities to get the show on the road, or ship.

• Technical Design

All our shows are complimented with only the best in AV, sound and lighting
design to ensure the overall experience is a memorable one.

aa-services-08• Production Management 

From conception to the last performance, our team is on call 24 hours a day to ensure that every detail of the production is managed effectively.

• Installation Management 

We contract a dedicated team who are all specialists in their respective fields, ensuring that the show goes up on time and in style.

• Cast and Crew Management 

The land-based team, together with our onboard company managers, ensure that cast, crew and show standards are maintained at all times.


• Basic Safety Training (STCW2010)

We are aware that safety is the most important factor onboard a sea-­going vessel. All of our onboard cast and crew obtain the STCW 2010 training prior to embarkation. We keep up to date with the Manila regulations and have agreements with BST training centres around South Africa to offer exclusive discounts for South African Afro Arimba cast and crew members.

• Maritime Medical Sign off

We have a network of accredited Maritime Doctors throughout South Africa whom are permitted to issue the “National Maritime Medical certificate” and handle any other medical requirements that the client may require prior to the embarkation of the cast or crew member.

• Visa’s and Permits 

We have good relationships with numerous foreign embassies and consulates in South Africa, as well as an excellent understanding of the application process for Visa’s, seamen books and work permits.


• Ground and Air Transportation  

Each year we book over 300 air tickets and 100 ground transfers to get our cast and crew safely and securely from A to B. We work closely with our travel agent to ensure that we get the best possible rates.

• Accommodation 

We have 2 fully equipped, self-­catering properties in South Africa where our casts are accommodated during rehearsals. We also have a network of hotels internationally where our cast and crew are accommodated whilst traveling.

Our Shows

All the shows below are currently being performed onboard luxury cruise ships around the world. Each show is created to give the audience a truly amazing entertainment experience. We are committed to understanding our clients' needs and dedicated to fulfilling the brief.


Creative Partners

We work with only the best suppliers to ensure the best quality finished product

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