Heather von Ruben’s career in the Entertainment Industry started in the late seventies. She worked her way up to Artistic Director of the Southern Sun Hotel Corporation, which was the biggest hotel chain in the Southern Hemisphere at the time.   Her responsibilities included procuring international stars culminating in the booking of Frank Sinatra for the opening of the world renowned Sun City Superbowl. After leaving Southern Sun, Heather worked with many multinational corporates and ad agencies on product launches, conferences and many other entertainment based productions. In 2000, Heather finally got a chance to produce 2 shows for Costa Crocieri. Since then, Heather, as the creative production designer of Afro Arimba, has been lucky enough to create at least 15 top extravaganza type shows, on seven Costa Crocieri cruise ships. Heathers’ love for creating beautiful shows, from the music, to the choreography, costumes, sets, lighting and special effects as well as her constant striving to achieve a high standard and top quality, is the reason why Afro Arimba has the success it has today!


“I love the “PUTTING IT TOGETHER” part, a blank page is very scary and it’s wonderful to see a show performed, which was once just a blank piece of paper.”